Home Decoration- Inspiring DIY Foamboard Wall Art Ideas

Without beautiful wall art, your home may feel empty; there’s a feel that something is missing. Wall art is an adornment expresses your personality in the form of art. 

Adorning the walls of your home with simple yet creative DIY foamboard wall art is the perfect answer to home décor and impressing your guests. Foamboard is an ideal material for your creative cravings. It is easily available, very convenient to work with, can be cut into different shapes with the right cutting tools, and is competitively priced, durable and more. All these properties make the substrate the best choice for your personal and professional needs.

If you are looking for ways to decorate the walls of your home, here are a few ideas using foamboard to make creative art pieces:

1.    Patterned Wall Squares- This is very easy DIY wall art. You need quality foamboard-- you can go for colored and set aside some adhesive, decorative paper and paint. The substrate is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. With the right cutting tools, you can cut the material into your desired shapes. Make squares out of the board, cover them with decorative paper using adhesives and apply paint where needed. Next, you can arrange the squares according to your room ambiance and give a new look to the space. 

2.    Mounting Family Pictures- This is a great idea for home decoration wall art. This time you need foamboard.  Consider self-adhesive since mounting is easier with it. Select some nice pictures of your loved ones and stick them to the board. You can mount the photos where you want—the living room, dining area or common room. It will not only decorate your house, but it will also show your love and affection for your family members by displaying those happy fun-filled moments together. 

3.    Bedroom Wall Art- If your taste is simple and sober, this is the best foamboard DIY art for your bedroom. Owing to the substrate’s properties such as versatility, durability and flexibility, making wall art is extremely easy. Get some quality materials, use a little bit of creativity and create an impressive decorative item for your loved ones. 

4.    Family Name Crossword- For those looking for out-of-the-box ideas to decorate their space, this DIY foamboard family name crossword is the right choice. Get quality foamboard, and with the help of right cutting tools, you can cut the material into small-sized squares. Next, use a permanent marker to write letters. We suggest you choose self-adhesive foamboard for this project. Note: you need to be very careful if you want to get a smooth finish.     

With foamboard, your creativity has no limit. You can create ample decorative items due to the material’s favorable features. In addition, the material is available in a wide variety, including colored foamboard, Sintra PVC sheets, black and white, self-adhesive and more. Simply choose the material that best fits your needs. 

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