Foamboard- An Easy and Impressive Way to Mount Photos and Artwork

If you want your artwork, photos, paintings or other decorative material be impressive and notable, getting a good quality mounting material is important. Foamboard is your best bet. It will not only make your artwork attractive, but it also adds more depth and strength.

Featuring desirable properties such as a robust nature, durability and sturdiness, foamboard is widely preferred for commercial and non-commercial applications. The substrate has been in use by the advertisement industry for exhibitions to display pictures and posters. Its flexibility, long-lasting nature, and resistance to water make it ideal for such purposes.

The user-friendly material is available in a variety of types such as colored board, Sintra PVC, acid-free, flame-resistant, Gatorfoam and more. All have unique features that make them a good choice for particular applications. Gatorfoam, for example, is excellent for mounting photos, exhibitions and presentations. It is available in black, white and a natural finish.

Acid-free foamboard is your choice for mounting pictures and displaying artwork. It provides an acid-free barrier between the mounting board and the artwork. Another important feature is that the material is easy to work with and can be cut into different shapes.

One popular type is self-adhesive foamboard. It is a lightweight material that is inexpensively priced, making it a perfect choice for arts and crafts projects. It is chemically-inert and features an acid-free adhesive.

Mounting pictures is very easy with foamboard. It is simple to use with a little instruction. You can cut it into different shapes with the help of the right cutting tools. You will need to be careful to get a smooth finish. Also, applying paints on the substrate is a breeze. Although you have an option to choose between various colored foamboards, applying paints yourself is not difficult. The only thing needed is to be a little cautious.

With a little bit of creativity, the right foamboard and the proper cutting tools, everything is in place to turn your imagination into reality.

Foamcore is widely used for picture framing, mounting photographic prints, backing surfaces and more. It is often used to make bulletin boards to display important information. Using foamboard and your creative skills will help you create beautiful home decorations like wall art, a family collage, etc. You can adorn the walls of your home - bedroom, living area or entrance - with assorted foam craft.

In addition, the substrate can be used to make storage boxes for stowing valuables and craft items such as jewelry, ribbons and thread, etc. All your accessories will be kept safe and easily accessible in a box. You can make an attractive gift box as well using the material. It will show you love and care for your dear ones. 

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If you are looking for a material that allows you to mount photos and artwork to adorn your interiors, choose the best type of foamboard. Based on your project needs and purpose, get the right substrate that is perfect for you.

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