Make a Customized Ribbon Box Holder Using Foamboard

Foamboard can be used for a number of applications including photo mounting, decorative artwork, and craft projects.

Also known as foamcore, it is available in a myriad of options such as white and black foamboard, colored foamboard, Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam, acid-free foamboard, flame-resistant, etc. All these boards have unique characteristics applicable to assorted projects, making them versatile and useful.

Take a look at the beneficial properties of foamboard:

Size and Thickness- The material is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Based on your project needs, you can choose the properties best suited for the work. Heed the simple rule - the thicker the board, the more stable when standing.

Lightweight- The material is sturdy in nature and at the same time extremely lightweight.  The substrate is also very easy to cut and shape.

Soft yet Sturdy- The surface of foamboard can be pierced with pushpins and thumbtacks, making it a perfect choice for bulletin boards. The material is very easy to work with. It is a breeze to cut and shape.

Inexpensively Priced- A feature that makes foamboard an ideal choice for commercial and non-commercial applications is its reasonable price.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, foamboard features a host of properties making the material the topmost choice for any commercial and non-commercial project needs.

Foamboard is the best material to explore creativity, decorate interiors, or make space-saving solutions at home. It is perfect for making a customized box holder to keep all your ribbons in one place for easy access. 

This is indeed an inexpensive way to keep things neat by and using space efficiently. You can make the box in any size. Also, you can use glitter and colored paper to add style.

Get everything ready: quality foamboard, the right cutting tools, pencil, ruler, glue, and paints. You can consider colored foamcore for fast results.

First, get the correct dimensions using a ruler and pencil. Now, cut the foamboard into the desired shape with the help of the right cutting tools. You need to be very careful to get smooth edges.

Next, stick the parts together using glue to arrive at the desired shape of the ribbon box holder. Divide the shelf into different sections to keep your ribbons tidy.

Foamboard allows you to create space-saving storage solutions in your home. It is readily available in a variety of types such as colored foamboard, Gatorfoam, Sintra PVC, self-adhesive foamboard, etc. The material is highly preferred for school, office, and college projects. 

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Advertising agencies use foamboard frequently for mounting purposes. Self-adhesive foamboard comes with adhesive to make the process of mounting very easy. You just peel and stick.

With foamboard, creativity has no limits. This exceptional material has a gamut of characteristics. At we offer a wide range of premium quality foamboard to help you create amazing projects for your personal and professional needs. Browse through our website to get a better understanding of this all-encompassing material and related supplies.

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