PVC Foam- Know the Types, Uses, and Applications

PVC foam has been categorized as a highly useful material for a number of applications, both commercial and non-commercial.

It is a lightweight, durable yet versatile material and a popular choice in making advertisements, construction models, and more.

What is PVC Foam?

PVC foam expanded polyvinyl chloride is a type of foamcore board but is also quite different. The material is a closed-cell foam that offers good bond strength. PVC sheets are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and offer high flexibility. It is tough and versatile for many visual merchandising and signage applications.

The material ranges in thickness from 1mm – 13mm. PVC sheets are convenient to work with and you can easily use the material any way you want--paint, print, and laminate, etc.--based on your requirements. 

To fulfill the growing demand, PVC foam is available in a number of types: Sintra PVC and self-adhesive Sintra PVC Board. Sintra PVC foam is a very durable type of PVC sheet. It is perfect for photo mounting, display construction and a variety of other uses. It is also excellent for outdoor use.

Self-Adhesive coated Sintra PVC foam is a very durable sheet and an excellent choice for photo mounting. You just need to peel and mount.

Features of PVC Foam -

Here are a few features of PVC foam, which make it a preferred choice: 
  • Provides a smooth and hard surface, making it suitable for marketing and adverts
  • UV-protected and corrosion-resistant
  • Fire retardant and automatically extinguishes itself when the source of ignition is removed
  • Lightweight, easy, and convenient for storage
  • Durable and features a longer life span
  • Color fastness and non-deformation ability
  • Shock-proof and water-repellent
  • Highly flexible
The material features a number of beneficial traits, which makes it a foremost choice among crafters.

If you are searching for the perfect material to make appealing advertisements, or you want to make simple decorative projects or construction models, PVC foam is by far the best choice.

PVC foam sheets are very convenient to work with. Even if you are new to this material, you can very easily start with a project. The only thing to keep in mind is to get a neat finish.

Cutting the material to perfection is the key to getting a smooth finish. First of all, you need to get the right cutting tools to craft a perfect shape. There are special tools available for foamboard cutting that will make your job easier and simpler. 

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So, if you want a neat finish for your PVC foam project, it is important to make use of the right cutting tools and extract a perfect shape from the material.

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