Self-Adhesive Foamboard -Types and Uses

Foamboard has been categorized the perfect material for arts and craft projects, mounting photographs, creating decorative pieces, and more. The material is highly preferred for both personal and professional needs. There is nothing more versatile or cost-effective.

This sturdy and lightweight material is a popular substrate coveted by users of all ages. It has several exceptional features, including a long-lasting nature, durability, light weight, and many others. All these characteristics make it a most sought-after product.

Whether you are looking for a backing to mount pictures, a painting or any other decorative items, foamboard will hold your piece together and keep it fixed. For most any project, it is your best bet! It will not only make your artwork more attractive, but it will also add more depth and strength to it. There are endless options to show your creativity with this versatile material.

Owing to its increasing usage and applications, foamboard is available in a variety of types: colored foamboard, Sintra PVC, Rynoboard, foil-laminated, acrylic, Gatorfoam, self-adhesive and more. Self-adhesive board is the perfect choice when cold-mounting photos and artwork. This foamboard features an acid-free adhesive that is chemically inert.

Here, we discuss the value of self-adhesive foamboard. This type of foamboard makes a perfect choice for mounting photos and artwork. As the name suggests, it comes with self-adhesive properties, which make the task of mounting pictures and creating arts and craft projects very easy. The board offers an acid-free adhesive that is chemically inert. It can be supplied as one or two-sided pressure sensitive.

Here are a few types of self-adhesive foamboard:

Self-adhesive poster board- It is manufactured from virgin pulp and is calibrated to .048". It is an excellent choice for cold mounting paper-backed photos and flyers. It comes with a white silicon release liner. You just need to peel and stick.

Self-adhesive Sintra PVC- This very durable PVC sheet makes an excellent choice for photo mounting. You just need to peel and mount. Sintra PVC is also available without pressure-sensitive coating.

Self-adhesive Colorplast- An excellent substrate for outdoor signage.

Self-adhesive Rynoboard- This heavy-duty foamboard has been classified as one of the densest and most moisture-resistant materials available. It is extensively used in die cutting, screen printing and mounting.

Self-adhesive acid-free- An excellent choice for conservation framing.

Let’s see how to use self-adhesive foamboard. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to mount photographs using this material-

First, peel the liner sheet on the board approximately 2 – 3 inches to reveal the adhesive. Next, precisely adjust the placement of your picture, and holding it by the sides, press it onto the foamboard securely. As you apply the print to the adhesive exert light pressure to push out any air, smoothing it toward the sides and base. Keep on doing this for the entire sheet until the photo is pasted properly and there are no air bubbles.

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If you find small air bubbles along the way or after you are done, you can simply use a pin and poke a hole to remove them. You need to do it very carefully.

Given this background information, you are now familiar with self-adhesive foamboard and how it can be used for a number of projects—fast and easy. Get premium-quality foamboard and its substrates at We are a leading supplier of high-quality and affordably-priced materials.

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