Decorate Your Home Interiors with Foamboard Wall Art

When it comes to interior decoration, be it for a bedroom, living area, or dining hall, wall art holds a very special place.

The perfect wall art can add flair to any room. However, buying such pieces to adorn a home is a thing of past. The young generation wants to try out their creative instincts and come up with a more personalized piece of art that illustrates a style statement.

If you want to add a personal touch to your space, it is easier than you think.

All you need is a bit of creativity and quality material. Foamboard is the right choice to create beautiful art pieces for your home. 

It is easily available, durable, very convenient to work with, can be cut into different shapes with the right cutting tools, and is competitively priced. All these properties make the material the best choice for all your personal and professional needs.

The favorable properties of the substrate make it a highly suitable for different kinds of arts and crafts projects, school and college presentations, business advertisements, and more.

Its growing popularity among people, for both commercial and non-commercial applications, makes it easily available and affordable. 

Making foamboard wall art to adorn your home interiors is a cinch.

First, choose the Right Foamboard

Foamboard is now available in a variety of types such as Sintra PVC, self-adhesive, Gatorboard, colored, presentation, etc. Gatorboard is particularly sturdy and can be used for mounting posters or flyers of all kinds.

Sintra PVC foamboard is a durable PVC sheet. It is widely used for photo mounting, display construction, and a variety of other uses. Also, the substrate makes a great choice for outdoor use.

Self-adhesive foamboard is another type comprehensively used for mounting photos and artwork. The self-adhesive feature makes craft work easier and more attractive. When you work with self-adhesive foamboard, you do not need any kind of extra glue.

The substrate is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Based on your project application, you can choose the perfect size and thickness of the material.

Cut the Material into the Desired Shape

You can cut the material into different shapes and sizes with the help of the right cutting tools. 

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For every project, personal or professional, getting a neat finish is key. Making use of the right cutting tools and a bit of care will help you get smooth edges.

Paint the Board

You can choose colored board of course. However, consider painting the board in a color of your choice. Applying paint on the material is easy but try not to add too much water because the outer layer of the foamboard will not be able to absorb it all.

Heeding the above-mentioned steps will help you create a beautiful piece of art for decorating your home interior. You can get premium-quality foamboard from us at We offer a wide range of foamboard types and its substrates all competitively priced.

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