DIY Ideas- Foamboard Fun Craft and Fixes

Foamboard has long been valued as a perfect material for commercial and non-commercial projects.

Its favorable properties include lightweight yet sturdy, versatile and easy to cut, making foamboard a preferred choice for arts and crafts projects, exhibition displays, business presentations, project models, and more. 

The material is easy to cut in any shape needed with the help of the right cutting tools, which makes it ideal for craftspeople of all ages. 

Foamboard is the number one choice for arts and crafts of all types like home decoration, do-it-yourself projects, professional displays, and mounting. Owing to the material’s desirable properties, widespread availability, and ease of working, it is also handy for all kinds of inexpensive solutions.

Here are a few do-it-yourself ideas, crafts and fixes that you can easily do with foamboard.

First, it helps to know what kinds of foamboard are available for your project. Owing to the increasing popularity of the material for personal and professional purposes, there are now a variety of types - Gatorfoam, Sintra PVC, self-adhesive, flame-resistant, among others.

Self-adhesive board is the perfect choice when cold mounting photos and artwork. It is a great way to preserve and display most anything.

Gatorfoam is a heavy-duty yet versatile board. It is a preferred choice for digital and screen printing. 

Sintra PVC foamboard is a durable PVC sheet designed for photo mounting and display constructions. It is available with a self-adhesive peel and stick film for mounting.

Now, the DIY foamboard craft ideas and fixes:

Home Decoration

As a homeowner, you want to adorn your interiors on a budget with something unique - one that expresses your style. What would be the best option? Creating art pieces yourself is the right answer and foamboard is your choice. It allows you to make beautiful wall art and different types of photo frames to beautify any space.

Decorative wallpaper made of foamboard can enhance your space. The properties such as lightweight, durability, and versatility will help you create incredible and attractive pieces for your home. You just need quality foamboard and let your creative juices flow.

Renter Friendly Solutions

If you are looking for temporary solutions for your rented home, foamboard is the perfect solution. With some paint and foamboard, you can add pattern or color to your bookcases for example. 

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Foamboard allows you to create smart storage solutions as well. With this material, you can create customized boxes that let you store valuable items. And you can take them with you when you move!

Child Craft

Foamboard is the best material for children to explore their creativity. It is safe for your little ones and very simple to work with. 

Play food is a wonderful craft that all kids love. You will need white and colored foam sheets, the right cutting tools, a ruler and marker, and a sense of fun.

With foamboard, you can easily create any number of items like arts and crafts and temporary fixes. Get premium-quality foamboard at We are a leading supplier of premium-quality foamboard and accessories available at affordable prices.

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