Foamboard: Get Crafty for Home Decor

If you feel like getting crafty to decorate your home, the best material you can use for your arts and crafts projects is foamboard.

Foamboard is a sturdy yet versatile material that offers both strength and flexibility.  Besides art projects, foamboard can also be used for exhibitions, retail displays, bulletin boards in offices or schools, and assorted applications at home and work! 

There are various types of foamboard available per project suitability. These include – Gatorfoam, Sintra PVC, colored, self-adhesive, etc. Whatever your need, there is a perfect type of foamboard. 

Here are a few home décor craft ideas you can create using foamboard:
  • Get creative with your photographs
You can do a lot when it comes to combining photos on foamboard. Using a self-adhesive foamboard sheet, you can mount them on to the board for a perfect display.

If you want a multiple image collage, you can take a large sheet of foamboard and paste all your pictures right on it--in any pattern you want. Foamboard is available in different sizes suitable for any user. It can also be cut into any shape using the right cutting tools.

You can make photo frames in creative shapes with colored foamboard.

Whatever process sparks your interest, you can give new life to your photos and display them in your house as an inte4gral part of your décor.
  • Add textures to walls
Empty walls can be boring. So, when it comes to decorating your house, why not add some wall art to liven them up?

For DIY lovers, making some creative wall art and hangings is easy with material like foamboard. Its properties like light weight, sturdiness, versatility, and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice for all crafts lovers. 

Foamboard comes in different versions like plain, colored, self-adhesive, heat-activated, and acid free. You can pick the one that suits your requirements.

To create attractive wall art, you can cold-mount your pictures or images on the foamboard by using the self-adhesive type.  

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If you want to create some more vibrant and unique wall art, use colored foamboard and cut it into the desired shape with the appropriate cutting tools. Your finished product can easily be hung on the walls as foamboard is quite light in weight.
  • Create some funky storage spaces
The utility and flexibility of foamboard are beyond belief. You will know as soon as you use it.

While on the one hand, you can create a small jewelry box with foamboard, on the other hand, it is a well-suited material for even bigger cabinets. Foamboard is flexible and offers sturdiness and ease of use. Everyone can create some extra, funky storage spaces with foamboard.

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