Gatorfoam- Accomplish Your Personal and Professional Project Needs

The incomparable benefits of foamboard make it a preferred choice for commercial and non-commercial projects.
The favorable properties include lightweight yet sturdy, versatile, and easy to cut, making foamboard widely preferred for arts and crafts projects, exhibitions, business presentations, project models, framing, and more.
The material is easy to cut and shape with the help of right cutting tools, which makes it ideal for craftspeople of all ages.  

Owing to the popularity of foamboard, the material is available in a number of types such as white and black, one-sided colored, Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam, flame-resistant, acid-free board and more.
Gatorfoam is considered a great choice for most everything. It is a heavy-duty yet versatile board.

“It is an extruded polystyrene foamboard bonded between two layers of Luxcell wood-fiber veneer.”

Some of the advantages of Gatorboard include - 
  • The original, heavy-duty graphic arts foamboard
  • Excellent reputation for great performance
  • Brilliant white surface
  • A great choice for digital and screen printing
  • Provides dimensional stability
You can get Gaterboard in different colors such as black, white, and a natural finish. It is an ideal choice for mounting purposes, exhibits and displays, and signs where rigidity and strength are required. 

The high degree of stiffness and thickness, yet versatility, makes Gatorboard an ideal choice for creative indoor applications.
Let’s have a look at the types of Gatorboard-
Self-adhesive Gatorboard

This is the best choice for mounting, exhibits, and signs. The self-adhesive board features adhesive properties, so there is no need to use any extra glue.

It is simple. Just need to peel the cover and stick your work of art right onto it. Press down smoothly to avoid air bubbles. The substrate is well known for its durable, consistent, and versatile nature.

Heat-activated Gatorfoam

This heavy-duty foamboard has been designed for heat press or heat roll press dry mounting. The heat-activated foamboard coating eliminates the use of dry board mounting tissue. It is specifically designed for paper-backed prints, posters, etc.

Gaterfoam is the original, heavy-duty graphic arts board, and consistently delivers great performance. The material is convenient to work with, allowing you to get creative and have fun.

Plain Gatorfoam

If your project demands a sturdy yet versatile and flexible material, plain Gatorboard is your choice. It offers high stability and durability. The material can be easily applied to projects for personal and professional use.

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You can make numerous decorative items with foamcore to adorn your home, such as beautiful wall art to hang in your living room to augment the beauty of your space.

If you are also looking for a material that allows you to create incredibly beautiful do-it-yourself craft projects for you or your kids, gatorboard is the perfect choice.

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