Gatorfoam: The Best Choice for All Kinds of Crafts Projects

Owing to a myriad of applications, the versatility of Gatorfoam is well known.

Gator board is an extruded polystyrene foam, encased between layers of Luxcell wood-fiber veneer. Because of this formation, it has a harder outer surface compared to other types of foamboard. Thus, it is suitable for projects that require a sturdy material, whether a personal or commercial application.

As one of the most versatile craft materials, Gatorfoam is a heavy-duty graphic display board ideal for mounting photos or artwork, displays and exhibitions, and arts & crafts projects of all kinds. The use is endless.

Below are some of the uses of Gatorfoam, showing why it is a preferred choice of craftspeople, artists, and hobbyists of all ages. Let’s explore:
  • Mounting

If you are looking for a sturdy and heavy-duty material to back your photos or artwork, Gatorfoam is your best choice!

You can make use of self-adhesive Gatorfoam to mount your photos and artwork for safekeeping, making it easy to display them. Sturdy yet versatile in nature, Gatorboard will make your mementos or artwork last for a lifetime.

Just peel and the board and stick the back of your photos or artwork right on the surface, and you’re good to go!
  • Exhibitions and Displays

If you’re looking for large boards for an exhibition of artwork or a versatile material to create displays for a trade fair, you’ve got it covered every time with Gatorfoam. 

The sturdiness of Gatorfoam promises a failsafe display of flyers, artwork, banners, or even photos when it comes to exhibitions.

What makes Gatorboard ideal for these applications is that it comes in different types and sizes. So, you can pick the one that suits your need.

You can use self-adhesive Gatorfoam for quick mounting for exhibitions, and it is quite easy to use. With this type of Gatorfoam, you don’t need extra glue to stick your artwork onto the board. The task is fast and handy! 

On the other hand, if you want to make displays or signs for your business or a trade fair for a period of time, you should use pressure-sensitive Gatorboard. This particular product makes your displays less susceptible to denting or warping so they can last longer.
  • Arts & Crafts Projects

By using Gatorfoam for your arts and crafts projects, you can rest assured that they will be durable, sturdy, and exactly the way you want. Gatorboard is available in all sizes and can be shaped per the requirement of your project. 

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To get the desired shape, you use the right cutting tools without causing the board’s edges to chip. 

If you want to create arts & crafts projects that need sturdiness to last for a long period of time, you can use pressure-sensitive Gatorboard.

With so many applications of Gatorfoam, there’s no denying that it is one of the most versatile yet sturdy materials out there! To get the best-quality foamboard of different types, you can visit As the leading supplier of foamboard like Gatorfoam, Sintra PVC, and more, we promise high-quality products at affordable prices!

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